Nomura Speakers


Andy Cates

Head of Developed Markets Economics, Nomura

Takashi Miwa

Chief Japan Economist, Nomura

Craig Chan

Global Head of EM Strategy,

Asia ex-Japan, Nomura

Annisa Lee

Head of Flow Credit Desk Analyst, Asia ex-Japan, Nomura

Chien-hua Chen_245x260.png

Chien-Hua Chen

Head of Quantitative Strategies, Asia ex-Japan

Robert Subbaraman

Head of Emerging Markets Economics and Asia ex-Japan Fixed Income Research, Nomura

Ting Lu_245x260.jpg

Ting Lu

Chief China Economist, Nomura

Andrew Orchard

ASEAN and China Internet & Media Research Analyst,

Asia ex-Japan, Nomura

Aaron Jeng_245x260.jpg

Aaron Jeng

Head of Taiwan Equity Research, Nomura

Benjamin Lo_245x260.jpg

Benjamin Lo

Head of Hong Kong Research and Head of Hong Kong Conglomerates and China Autos Research, Nomura

Jialong Shi_245x260.png

Jialong Shi

Head of China Internet and New Media Equity Research, Nomura

Albert Leung

Northeast Asia Rates Strategist, Nomura

Stella Xing

Analyst, China Health Care & Pharmaceuticals, Nomura

Donnie Teng_245x260.png

Donnie Teng

Analyst, Greater China Semiconductor & Technology Research, Nomura

Jamie Wang_245x260.png
Shengbo Tang_245x260.png

Jamie Wang

Analyst, Greater China Energy / Material, Nomura

Shengbo Tang

Head of Hong Kong/China Non-Bank Financials Research, Nomura

Yiran Zhong_245x260.png

Yiran Zhong

Greater China Strategist, Nomura

Lin Chen_245x260.jpg

Lin Chen

Head of Greater China Energy Research, Nomura

Trevor Kalcic_245x260.png

Trevor Kalcic

Research Managing Director, Head of ASEAN Research, Nomura

Tony Chen_245x260.jpg

Tony Chen

Credit Desk Analyst, Global Markets, Nomura

External Speakers

Andrew Sheng_245x260.png

Andrew Sheng

Distinguished Fellow of Asia Global Institute, The University of Hong Kong

Atsushi Mirua_245x265.png

Atsushi Miura

Author of The Rise of Sharing: Fourth-Stage Consumer Society in Japan

Jiao feng Guo_245x260.png

Jiao Feng Guo

Researcher, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Jingmin Hu_245x260.png

Jingmin Hu

Associate, ESG Research, MSCI

Jun Zhang_245x260.png
Yuan Liu_245x260.png
Vincent Gu_245x245.png

Jun Zhang

Dean and Chang-Jiang Professor of School of Economics, Fudan University

Calvin Chan

COO, AdMaster

Yuan Liu

Head of Research,  Centaline Property Agency

Vincent Gu

Consultant, ICWise

Roger Sheng_245x260.png

Roger Sheng

Research Vice President, Gartner, Inc.

Zidong Zhang_245x245.png

Zidong Zhang

Chief Financial Officer, Shanghai Henlius Biotech, Inc

Ke Mo_245x260.png

Ke Mo

Lithium Industry Analyst, RealLi Research

Xuehong Lang_245x260.png

Xuehong Lang

Deputy Secretary-General,  Industry  China Automobile Dealer Association (CADA)

Sheji Ho_245x260.png

Sheji Ho

Group Chief Marketing Officer, aCommerce

George Gilder_245x260.png

George Gilder

Leading economic and technological thinkers, author of Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy

Qifeng Chen_245x260.png

Qifeng Chen

Manager, Green Finance Department, Institute Of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE)


​Richard Koo

Chief Economist, Nomura Research Institute

Thomas Kwan_245x260.png

Thomas Kwan

CIO, Harvest Global Investments

Marco Chen_245x260.png

Marco Chen

Greater China CEO, Mantis Vision