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August 30-September 3, 2021


China Investor Forum is one of Nomura’s annual flagship conferences, and is reputed as a “must attend” event among the global investor community. Entering its 13th year, the Forum continues to provide a platform for both local and international institutional investors, to interact with leading companies in China and Hong Kong.

The Forum provides a unique platform for direct dialogue for you to speak with leading Chinese companies. Thought leaders and industry experts will participate to present their insights and thoughts on topical themes of China.

We look forward to hosting you at the China Investor Forum 2021 Virtual Experience.


  • 超过90家H、A股上市的龙头企业进行面对面会议与小组讨论,深入了解其战略发展和投资机会

  • 多位行业领袖、顾问、学术专家将发表一系列主题议程和行业介绍

  • 五天的一对一和小组讨论

  • 与野村策略师,经济师和分析师交流


  • 海外全球经济展望​

  • 中国与美国外汇利率展望

  • 中国经济与策略

  • 新能源车电池的技术发展及其驱动力

  • 电商直播 : 是昙花一现还是星火燎原?

  • 创新药之-新冠疫苗临床数据分析和展望

  • 新冠疫情后家电和白酒行业恢复进程

About Nomura

Nomura is an Asia-headquartered financial services group with an integrated global network spanning over 30 countries. By connecting markets East & West, we service the needs of individuals, institutions, corporates and governments through our four business divisions: Retail, Asset Management, Wholesale (Global Markets and Investment Banking), and Merchant Banking.

Driven by the insights of some 28,000 people worldwide, we put our clients at the center of everything we do, delivering unparalleled access to, from and within Asia.

野村是一家总部位于亚洲、国际网络遍布全球30多个国家的金融服务机构。野村荟萃东西、连通市场,为个人、机构、企业和政府客户提供零售、资产管理、机构业务(全球市场和投资银行)与商人银行的服务。野村成立于1925 年,始终坚守遵纪自律的企业精神,传承并发扬为客户提供创新方案及领先理念的悠久传统。欲了解更多关于野村的信息,请登陆






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