Meleveetil (M) Damodaran

Chairperson, Excellence Enablers Private Limited; Managing Trustee, Non-Executive Directors in Conversation Trust; Former Chairman, SEBI, UTI and IDBI

M. Damodaran has held a number of important positions in the Central and State Governments and in India’s financial sector, including Chairman, Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Chairman, Unit Trust of India (UTI), Chairman, Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI), Chief Secretary, Government of Tripura. After successful stints at UTI, IDBI and SEBI, he has set up Excellence Enablers Private Limited (EEPL), a Corporate Governance and Board Advisory consultancy firm. His pioneering role in promoting Corporate Governance in India invests EEPL with an experience-based leadership role in corporate governance advisory work.


In addition, he is presently a consultant, advisor, coach and mentor and sits on the Boards of some leading companies as well as on the Advisory Boards of some foreign entities. He is Practice Professor of Eminence at International Management Institute (IMI), Delhi. He is the founder Chairman of the Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirapalli and the Chairman and one of the promoters of Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited, a unique approach for providing quality healthcare in rural areas. He is presently also chairing the Government of India Task Force to set up the Resolution Corporation of India, as an instrument to identify incipient problems and take corrective action in regard to failing institutions. His recent initiative, Non-Executive Directors in Conversation Trust, NEDICT, is the first exclusive forum, worldwide, for Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) to articulate their concerns and seek solutions based on shared experiences.

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