Jingmin Hu 胡靖敏

Associate, ESG Research, MSCI

ESG 资深研究员, MSCI

Jingmin leads multiple consumer industries globally for ESG Research at MSCI, including Household Durables and Textile, Apparel and Luxury Goods, and has in-depth knowledge for the Telecommunication Sector. She also sits on the methodology committee for the APAC region. Prior to joining MSCI, Jingmin worked in the Strategy department at the second largest German utility company RWE in the UK, where she was responsible for competitor analysis and market growth analysis for the company’s renewable energy expansion in Europe.


Jingmin obtained her first class BSc Economics degree from University of Bath, and MSc in Management, Organisations and Governance from London School of Economics in the UK where she received the Best Dissertation award in labour issues.





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