Dr. Zidong Zhang 张子栋博士

Chief Financial Officer, Shanghai Henlius Biotech, Inc.


Zidong Zhang joined Henlius as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) from 2018. Zidong Zhang graduated from Fudan University for BS in chemistry, then obtained Ph.D. degree from Boston University in Biochemistry and MBA from Duke University the Fuqua School of Business.  Prior to joining Henlius, Dr. Zhang worked as Equity Analyst for UBS in New York, covering US large Cap Pharmaceuticals and Specialty Pharmaceutical sector. He had a key focus in therapeutic areas as Oncology (especially for Immuno Oncology), autoimmune diseases, and other areas as Women’s health and CNS. He also developed a specialty and in-depth knowledge in generics market entry pathway and bio-similar entry/competition. Before UBS, he also worked for Bayer in the US as an internal consultant. He had multiple projects across US, Europe, and China, including strategic planning and market forecasts for US and China, merger and acquisition, organizational structure design and implementation etc.


张子栋博士现任复宏汉霖并担任首席财务官(CFO)。  张子栋本科毕业于上海复旦大学,并在波士顿大学生物化学系取得博士学位以及博士后培训,之后又于杜克大学富卡商学院取得MBA学位。在加入复宏汉霖之前,他曾在纽约瑞士银行任医药金融分析师,主要跟踪关注欧美上市大型医药企业以及特种医药,仿制药企业和新药研发动态。在此期间他主要关注癌症免疫疗法,自身免疫疾病,仿制药/生物仿制药,以及特种医药的前沿研究。他也曾在拜尔集团担任内部咨询师,制定过美国,欧洲,以及中国的战略以及市场预测,参与公司并购计划及执行,组织架构设计等项目。  

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