Marco Chen 陈凌

Greater China CEO, Mantis Vision 

大中国区执行总裁, 螳螂慧视科技

Marco Chen is the CEO and founder of Mantis Vision China, who led the cooperation between Israel Mantis Vision and China Luen Mei Group to co-invest a joint venture company in China, “MantisVision Technologies Co., Ltd”. He is responsible for managing Mantis Vision’s all businesses in the great China including localization strategy, product R&D, marketing & sales, professional service, and etc.

Prior to joining Mantis Vision, Marco had more than 15 years professional experiences in the enterprise informatization and consulting service. He had served in SAP for nearly 12 years, and appointed as the senior director of Big Data & Smart City, the general manager of Partner Co-Innovation, and etc.. During the service years in SAP, Marco assisted several global customers and partners to implement SAP product successfully, and also fully supported SAP innovative solutions’ promotion and sales in the great China area. Meanwhile, Marco was the patent contributor of the big data and AI field, who led SAP global technology teams to achieve a few innovation projects for the enterprise digital transformation and intelligent transformation. Except SAP, Marco had also served in Microsoft and STMicroelectronics.

Marco holds a master degree in Computer Science and a Finance MBA.

Marco Chen(陈凌)先生主导并促成了以色列Mantis Vision公司与中国联美集团的合作,在华成立合资公司螳螂慧视科技有限公司(Mantis Vision China),Marco则出任CEO一职,负责Mantis Vision在华的所有业务运营,包括战略、产品研发、市场营销、销售以及专业服务等方面的工作。

在加入Mantis Vision之前,Marco拥有超过15年的企业信息化及咨询经验。其中在SAP服务了近12年,曾担任大数据及智慧城市资深总监、渠道联合创新部门总经理等职务。在此期间,Marco帮助全球范围内的多个客户及合作伙伴成功实施SAP产品,并为SAP创新解决方案在大中华区的市场推广和销售提供了全面支持。Marco同时也是大数据及人工智能的专利作者,曾领导跨国技术支持团队完成了数个企业数字化转型、智能化转型的创新项目。除了SAP,Marco还曾服务于Microsoft及STMicroelectronics。


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