The Belt and Road Initiative: Globalization, China style

A potential win-win initiative for China and the recipient countries economically.

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Where are the risks in an EM snapback?

  • Four potential events this year could lead to an emerging markets pricing snapback

  • Certain emerging markets are more vulnerable than others to a major repricing of risk premia

Deleveraging in a political milieu: Asia’s elephant faces a pivotal year

Despite a number of challenging setbacks this year, India looks like it is now positioned to realize its potential and rightfully retain its title as ‘the world’s fastest growing major economy’ for the next few years.

The Belt and Road Initiative: Globalization, China style

How to invest on the BRI theme: We expect China and ASEAN equity proxies in infrastructure, financing and consumption sectors to benefit. BRI should also support longer term RMB appreciation

Higher oil prices drive EM divergence

A continued rise in oil prices would divide the emerging markets (EM) universe by economic performance.

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