Conference Agenda
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Day 1
Tuesday, May 28
  • Opening Remarks^

  • Plenary Session: The global economic outlook^

  • Plenary Session: Asian equity markets outlook^

  • Keynote Address: A short tour of global risks^

  • Lunch Keynote Address: How will Asia navigate the new world order?^

  • Panel Discussion: Rejuvenating Malaysia

  • Panel Discussion: 2H19 Asia Credit Outlook

  • Presentation: India: Politics vs Economics^

  • Presentation: FX market outlook: dusk or dawn^

  • Panel Discussion: The future of e-payments in ASEAN^

  • Presentation: Macro thematic update - where are the asymmetries?^

  • Keynote Address: Does AI change everything?^

Day 2
Wednesday, May 29
  • Keynote Address: The Chinese economy - growth recovery, policy and RMB^

  • Panel Discussion: If low rates are the new normal again, should we be content with lower risk premia?

  • Presentation: Mega Trends (5 Drivers) that are shaping consumer preferences^

  • Presentation: Issues which keep me awake at night^

  • Lunch Keynote Address: The other half of macroeconomics and the fate of free trade^

  • Panel Discussion: 5G - notes from around the globe^

  • Panel Discussion: Life after July 2018: how developers and agents navigate tighter housing policies

  • Nomura: An APAC vision - Auto - Regulations: the real
    driving force behind electrification^

  • Panel Discussion: Food sustainability & alternative foods^

  • Nomura: An APAC vision - Industrial - outlook for machinery cycle, and competitive landscape of Asia and Japanese companies^

  • Presentation: MSCI China A share inclusions^

^ Open to media

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