Nomura Speakers

Lewis Alexander

Chief US Economist, Nomura

Mr. Andrew Bowley

Wholesale Governance Officer, Nomura

George Buckley.jpg

George Buckley

Chief European Economist, Nomura

Craig Chan

Head of Global FX Strategy, Nomura

Leif Chang.jpg

Leif Chang

Head of China Property Equity Research, Nomura

CW Chung.jpg

CW Chung

Head of Research, Korea and Pan-Asia Tech / Semiconductors Research, Nomura

Raghavendra Divekar.jpg

Raghvendra Divekar

Analyst, Japan Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Nomura

Bing Duan.jpg

Bing Duan

Analyst, China Telecom and Technology Research, Nomura

John Goff.jpg

John Goff

Co-Head of Investment Banking, Asia ex-Japan, Nomura

Yujiro Goto.jpg

Yujiro Goto

Head of FX Strategy Japan, Nomura

Angela Hong.jpg

Angela Hong

Analyst, Korea Autos Research, Nomura

Yunosuke Ikeda.jpg

Yunosuke Ikeda

Japan Equity Strategist, Nomura

Aaron Jeng.jpg

Aaron Jeng

Head of Taiwan Research & Technology - Semiconductors Research, Nomura

Rig Karkhanis.jpg

Rig Karkhanis

Deputy Head of Global Markets, Head of Global Markets, AEJ, Nomura

Masataka Kunugimoto.jpg

Masataka Kunugimoto

Head of Global Autos & Auto Parts Research, Nomura

Jeffrey Kvaal.jpg

Jeffrey Kvaal

Analyst, US Communications Equity Research, Instinet

Emily Lee.jpg

Emily Lee

Analyst, Hong Kong / China Consumer Research, Nomura

Anne Lee

Anne Lee

Analyst, Technology – Handset, EMS, Camera, and Components Research, Nomura

Shaotang Lee.jpg

Shaotang Lee

Analyst, Taiwan Technology Hardware Research, Nomura

Benjamin Lo.jpg

Benjamin Lo

Head of Hong Kong Research & China Autos Research, Nomura

Ting Lu.jpg

Ting Lu

Chief China Economist, Nomura

Jim McCafferty.jpg

Jim McCafferty

Joint-Head of APAC Equity Research, Nomura

Charlie Mcelligott

Cross-asset Macro Strategist, Americas, Nomura

Joseph Mezrich.jpg

Joseph Mezrich

Head of US Quantitative Analysis, Instinet

Takashi Miwa.jpg

Takashi Miwa

Chief Japan Economist, Nomura

Tushar Mohata.jpg

Tushar Mohata

Head of Malaysia Equity Research, Nomura

Saion Mukherjee.jpg

Saion Mukherjee

Head of Equity Research, India, Nomura

Yoshitaka Nagao.jpg

Yoshitaka Nagao

Head of Information & Telecommunication Research / Media Internet, Gaming & Amusement sector analyst, Nomura

Masayasu Noguchi.jpg

Masayasu Noguchi

Analyst, Japan Machinery Sector, Nomura

Elodie Norman

Head of Senior Relationship Management, Asia ex-Japan, Nomura

Yu Okazaki.jpg

Yu Okazaki

Analyst, Japan Consumer Electronics Sector, Nomura

Katsushi Saito.jpg

Katsushi Saito

Joint-Head of APAC Equity Research / Head of APAC Industrials Research, Nomura

Chetan Seth.jpg

Chetan Seth

Equity Strategist, Nomura

Jialong Shi.png

Jialong Shi

Head of China Internet and Media Research, Nomura

Kapil Singh.jpg

Kapil Singh

Analyst, India Auto & Auto Parts Research, Nomura

Cara Song.jpg

Cara Song

Analyst, Korea Consumer & Healthcare Research, Nomura

Rob Subbaraman.jpg

Rob Subbaraman

Head of Global Macro Research & Co-Head of GM Research, Nomura

Donnie Teng.png

Donnie Teng

Analyst, Greater China, Semiconductor & Technology Research, Nomura

Gao Ting.jpg

Gao Ting

Head of Research and Chief of Strategy, Nomura Orient International Securities

Sonal Varma.jpg

Sonal Varma

Chief Economist, India and Asia ex-Japan, Nomura

Tetsuya Wadaki.jpg

Tetsuya Wadaki

Analyst, Japan SPE Sector, Nomura

Jamie Wang.png

Jamie Wang

Analyst, Greater China Energy / Material Research, Nomura

Esther Wen.jpg

Esther Wen

Analyst, China Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Equity Research, Nomura

David Wong.jpg

David Wong

Lead Analyst, Semiconductors, Instinet US

Jessie Xu.jpg

Jessie Xu

China Internet & Education Research, Nomura

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