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Agenda at a glance
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Day 1
Tuesday, June 6
  • Opening Remarks

  • The Global Economic Outlook

  • Asian Equity Markets Outlook

  • Keynote: World Economy Facing Geopolitical, Stagflation and Banking Risks

  • 2H 2023 Asia Credit Outlook

  • Nomura's Top FX Rates and views

  • Keynote: India Economic and Policy Outlook

  • Women in Leadership

  • Execution, Trading Landscape, Technology

Day 2
Wednesday, June 7
  • Keynote: The World is Not Ready for the Long Grind to Come

  • China's Economic and Equity Market Outlook

  • The Big Bright Spots in ASEAN

  • Lunch Keynote: Asia and Singapore - Challenges and Opportunities

  • US vs China - Clash of The Technology Titans

  • Keynote: The Global Outlook - Prospects and Challenges

  • An APAC Vision - Automotive Technology

  • Circular Economy of EV

Day 3
Thursday, June 8
  • Bulletproof BioHacking: How to Get Your Energy Back and Then Some

  • Cross-Asset Strategy

  • US vs China: Race to Tech supremacy and how it affects Taiwan and Korea?

  • Lunch Keynote: Chip War and Asia's Future

  • China Mobile Internet: Solid Fundamentals and Sustainable Recovery

  • Asia Healthcare: Biologics CDMO Trend

  • An APAC Vision - Tech Cycle

  • China-US Tech Battles: "Are There Winners?"

  • A.I. & The Implications of Chat-GPT

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