Agenda at a glance
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Day 1
Tuesday, June 7
  • Opening Remarks

  • The Global Economic Outlook

  • Asian Equity Markets Outlook

  • The Challenges of Post-Pandemic Economies and US-China Relations

  • 2H 2022 Asia Credit Outlook

  • Nomura's Top FX and Rates views

  • ASEAN - The Economic Benefits and Costs of High Commodity Prices

  • Keynote Address: The Geopolitics of Ukraine

Day 2
Wednesday, June 8
  • Welcome Remarks

  • Keynote Address: Outlook for the Fed’s Normalization and the Global Financial Environment

  • An APAC Vision - Technology

  • China’s Economic and Equity Market Outlook

  • Keynote Address: Singapore’s Vision on Building a Competent Workforce

  • Japan’s New Capitalism is an Unequal World

  • The Global EV Landscape: Future of Autonomous Driving

  • Into the Metaverse with Ledger

  • India: Policy Priorities Amid Global Turbulence

  • Nomura Equity Research: Our ESG Findings

Day 3
Thursday, June 9
  • Keynote Address: A Conversation with Carmen Reinhart

  • Cross-Asset Strategy: As the Cycle Turns

  • Biotech and the Future of US-China Relations: Risks and Opportunities

  • The Chinese economy in 2022: Challenges and policy solutions

  • Sustainability in the Energy Sector and ESG investment opportunities

  • Display market: Key Technology Trend and Outlook Ahead

  • An APAC Vision - Semiconductor

  • ESG in Korea: The "S" Factor

  • Token Economies in the Balance