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Day 1
Tuesday, June 1
  • Opening remarks

  • The global economic outlook

  • Asian equity markets outlook

  • 2H 2021 Asia Credit outlook

  • The new geopolitics: Investor implications

  • Global FX strategy outlook

  • Fireside chat: Climate change and ESG Investing

Day 2
Wednesday, June 2
  • Fireside chat: China macro and policies

  • An APAC vision - Semiconductor

  • India macro & markets outlook

  • China’s economic and equity market outlook

  • China EV - the future of electrification, automation, and modularization

  • An APAC vision - Technology

  • Winning with Artificial Intelligence: a fireside chat with Dr. Ayesha Khanna

  • The great inflation debate

Day 3
Thursday, June 3
  • Keynote Address: A Conversation with William Dudley

  • After the CPI Shock: What Comes Next for Investors?

  • The Quant Recovery - Watch Rates & the Yield Curve

  • The Challenges of Post-Pandemic Economies and US-China Relations

  • Asia healthcare in the post pandemic world

  • Asia ecommerce and payment ecosystems

  • ESG in Asia: Striding ahead